Tips for road trips

11 Day across Germany, Austria, Czech Republic and Slovakia

Tour duration:
11 Days

Cities visited:
Munich – Salzburg – Hallstatt – Cesky Krumlov – Prague – Karlovy Vary – Telc – Vienna – Bratislava

Approximate price:
2950 Euro

Car hire, driver’s wage, driver’s travel allowance, diesel, accommodation of the driver, car park fee at the driver’s hotel, half board for the driver for 10 days, insurance of the vehicle, passengers and baggage in case of accident and theft, change of vehicle in case of vehicle break down or accident (the replacement will be provided from Prague, thus the replacement times vary according to the current travelers location).

What is not included:
Accommodation of the travelers, parking fees at the monuments, shopping centers and other sightseeing locations, guide services, entry fees, food and beverages, tips for the driver


Day 1
Early morning collection  from the Munich International airport and transfer to the Munich city center hotel
Check in at the hotel – driver will help you with the baggage in/out
Car is on your disposal for 4 hours sightseeing. We can book a guide to accompany your group in Munich for additional charge. You are supposed to plan what you want to see in Munich and tell the driver the addresses of each point of interest. It is possible to plan the tour in advance. The tour itinerary will be confirmed by email.

Day 2
After breakfast departure to Salzburg
2 hours drive to Salzburg
Check in at the Salzburg Hotel
Car is available for up to 6 hours sightseeing, shopping, dining etc.
It is possible to visit Hallein Salt Mines, Werfen Ice caves or Eagle’s Nest in Kehlsteinhaus

Ice World Werfen

Ice World in Werfen

Day 3
The car and driver are on your disposal for up to 8 hours. Whether you plan to go to the Designer’s outlet at the Salzburg Airport or catch up what you missed on the Day 2, it is possible. The transfer to Hallstatt can be done in afternoon or early evening.

Day 4
Stay in Hallstatt, enjoy the lake views, mountains and amazing town center of the unique Austrian Village. The vehicle can be used to travel around the town, but it is usually not needed. The driver can be on your disposal for up to 8 hours and maximum 200 Km mileage. Exceeding the limits results in additional charge 15 Euro per hour and 0.5 Euro per each Km driven extra.



Day 5
Scenic drive from Hallstatt to Cesky Krumlov, the UNESCO listed heritage site located in the South Bohemia. Visit the magnificent Castle/Chateau, have a meal in one of the river overlooking restaurants and stroll around the historical center in Cesky Krumlov. In the evening it is possible to attend a concert or other cultural events according to the time of the season.

Day 6
2.5 Hours ride  from Cesky Krumlov to Prague can be split in to several legs if we stop in Hluboka nad Vltavou to visit the Chateau, Holasovice to see the UNESCO rural village or Cesky Budejovice to visit the brewery Budvar. All the stops are optional and can be decided on the go. The vehicle is on your disposal for up to 12 hours including the waiting time, if you did not use is on the day 4, otherwise the total time is only 8 hours. Afternoon can be spent sightseeing on the way or in Prague.

Day 7
Feel free to use the taxi for up to 8 hours on your way around Prague. Prague is best seen on foot, but it is handy to have the car available to move around faster and comfortably. We are able to arrange a private guide to lead you around the most important monuments in Prague historical center. The tour can be focused on special parts of the town or it can be an overall introduction tour.

Day 8
A day trip to Karlovy Vary is planned for the 8th day. Karlovy Vary is a spa town in Western Bohemia. It was founded by the most famous king in the Czech history the Charles IV. It is about 2 hours driver to Karlovy Vary and on the way there or back, it is possible to stop in Krusovice for lunch and brewery visit. There are 4 hours free time to spend in Karlovy Vary to enjoy the colonnades and city center. A sip of the local mineral water or a massage in one of the local wellness studios are treats that should not be missed.

Day 9
Transfer from Prague to Vienna with optional stops in Brno, Telc or Znojmo. In case of direct transfer from Prague to Vienna, in the afternoon/evening the taxi is available for up to 4 hours. You can use the car to get you to and return from e.g. opera, restaurant or brief sightseeing.

Day 10
Day trip to Bratislava with an optional lunch at the UFO restaurant. As usual we can arrange a private guide to accompany you on your sightseeing in Bratislava (counts for Vienna too). Naturally at extra charge. On the way to Bratislava or return to Vienna it is possible to make a detour through Parndorf shopping outlet. The most famous shopping center in the region. There is 50 Euro extra charge for Parndorf stop. There are up to 4 hours of waiting included.

Bratislava castle at autumn, SlovakiaDay 11
It is time to finish touring and say fare well… The driver will be able to arrange a morning drive to e.g. the Zoo or other venues and by 15:00 the latest drop you off at the Vienna international airport. Our services finish there.

Should you be interested in booking a chauffeured driven road trip across Europe as above, please write Martin and email or contact us. Martin will be happy to discuss custom itineraries and tailor made road trips.

Note: We do not provide cars without a driver.

Available vehicles:

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